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Have you ever wondered if …

as a talented youth athlete, you could use your sporting experience and passion to set yourself on the path to a fulfilling future, a path that is uniquely yours?

The answer is yes. In a globalized world, opportunities can be found by connecting with people who have excelled in walking a similar path.

We use sport as the medium to connect athletes with opportunities that align with their goals.

What makes us different, is that we accompany you on your journey.

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Here’s what our athletes say about our services:

Extended Training Programme Germany

I can honestly say through Vivo 7 Sports I have changed and developed into the person I am today, and I’m grateful for all that Vivo has done for me. Read more about Liam’s experience here.

Liam Anthony, (South Africa)

International Training Clinic Germany

The entire experience working with Vivo 7 Sports from an organization point of view was world class. Extremely professional service… I can confidently say that all the players have been positively impacted by the quality of training received as we can see them implementing what they were taught whilst in Germany with Vivo.  We would certainly encourage other football programs to do a training clinic in Germany with Vivo 7 Sports. 

Lyle Bennett, JABEZ FC - Johannesburg, South Africa

USA Athletic Scholarship

Through Lee and Vivo 7 Sport’s constant open communication and guidance, I was placed in a university that not only suited me as a student and a footballer, but also a person.

Nic Baigrie , (South Africa), University of Northwestern Ohio (2019 - 2023)

USA Athletic Scholarship

Vivo 7 Sports gave me the opportunity to play college soccer, make lifelong friends, learn to speak English fluently and earn a degree, while doing what I love to do – play soccer!

Mariella Hartmann, (Germany), Wright State University OH (2022 - current).

Italy Showcase 2022 

Coach Lee made the Italy Showcase a once in a lifetime experience. The structure of trainings and games gives you a real insight on what it is like to play in a professional environment. Not only are they two of the best tactical coaches I’ve had the pleasure of playing under, but they are also very genuine and caring people. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone that wants to experience what playing at the next level of football would be like.

Mark Peaden, (USA)

Extended Training Programme Germany

My stay in Germany so far has been both eye-opening and enjoyable. It has allowed me to be independent but has also taught me responsibility. I have really enjoyed the lifestyle and freedom here. On the football side of things, I have been exposed to a new level of football that requires the best version of yourself on the field. I have found the technical sessions really helpful and insightful, and even after a short period of time, it is already starting to improve the way I play.

Matthew Spring, (South Africa)

USA Athletic Scholarship

Besides possessing a broad knowledge concerning football / soccer, Lee is very empathetic and understanding. I developed an authentic relationship with Vivo 7 Sports and always felt in safe hands.

Moritz Guettel, (Germany), University of Northwestern Ohio (2021 - current)

USA Athletic Scholarship

I can only recommend Vivo 7 Sports. Coach Lee is the sort of coach who understands you as a player, he was always by my side!

Selina Rau, (Germany), Tiffin University OH (2021 - current)

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