Receiving a letter like this from a Vivo 7 Sports athlete, is why we do what we do!

Dear Vivo 7 Family,

I would just like to thank you for giving me an opportunity that is not available to everyone, I didn’t take it for granted. I have had wonderful experiences during my five years of being in the United States. While at the University of Maine at Fort Kent my team and I won the National Championship my freshman year and we were the runner up my senior year. I was also able to play in the PDL semi professional league my freshman year. I graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Business Administration and a concentration in Human Resources and Sports Management with a 3.6 GPA.

In addition, I was also lucky enough to travel across the country multiple times, experience cultural differences between states, and meet people from all around the world. I was also able to do two summer internships in Hawaii.

Here are some things I think could be useful for aspiring clients:

–       If it wasn’t for Vivo 7 and Lee Chalmers, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to further my education and grow into the person I am today.

–       As a young soccer player in South Africa, attending Bidvest Wits Academy, I limited my dreams. However, having the opportunity to further my education has opened many more doors for me than I ever could have imagined.

–       I wouldn’t be the aspiring professional I am today if it wasn’t for Lee Chalmers seeing potential in me at the Bay Hill Tournament and keeping consistent communication with me and believing in me even when I didn’t think it was possible. He never let me give up.


Ryan Merckel