Vivo 7 Sports offers competitive youth athletes, from around the world, opportunities to develop themselves through a variety of experiences.

Playing football / soccer at a competitive level in the United States while earning a Bachelors degree is just one of these.

We started working with Moritz Güttel (PTSV Jahn, Freiburg, Germany) almost a year ago, despite being in the middle of a pandemic.  Moritz has all the characteristics of the ideal student-athlete: good academics; a stand-out player on and off the pitch; and importantly, the personal dedication and focus needed to embark on this journey.

A year of preparation, which included club and individual technical training, dedication to his final year of schooling, and working closely with Vivo 7 Sports through each step of the scholarship placement process, culminated in Moritz earning a scholarship to the University of Northwestern Ohio, a top-20 nationally ranked NAIA university.

Listen to and read what Moritz has to say about working with Vivo 7 Sports on our Testimonials page,  and keep up with his college soccer experience on social media
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We wish Moritz all the best on this exciting new chapter in his life, we’ll be behind you every step the of the way. . .

Onward and upward!

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