VIVO 7 SPORTS Selina Rau starts USA college soccer journey

A very talented player who could’ve chosen to continue on the path to becoming a professional, Selina Rau knew that she wanted to rather combine playing soccer at a high level with furthering her education abroad.

In 2020, in the midst of the corona pandemic, Selina decided to pursue an athletic scholarship with Vivo 7 Sports.  Her unwavering dedication and drive secured her an excellent scholarship to Tiffin University in Ohio, USA.

Despite the restrictions and stresses of training and completing her senior high school year  during the pandemic, Selina showed her determination daily. Whether it was one-on-one technical training sessions with Vivo 7 Sports coaches, never missing an at-home strength and conditioning programme, or brushing up on her English language skills, Selina stayed true to her commitment. A student athlete in its truest form and a remarkable young lady both on and off the field.

Listen to and read what Selina has to say about working with Vivo 7 Sports on our Testimonials page, and keep up with her college soccer experience on social media #vivo7sports and @vivo7sports

We at VIVO 7 SPORTS are very proud of her accomplishment and wish her all the very best on her new adventure.

Onward and upward!

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